SXSW Reveals 2015 Lineup: Round One

South by Southwest revealed round one of its 2015 musical lineup today and, as I speculated yesterday, Spanish fuzzy wuzzy buzz band Deers will pop its North American cherry in March.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.35.38 AM

In fact, Spain is heavily represented in the initial lineup. Madrid garage punks The Parrots, Barcelona-based shoegaze-y dream poppers Sexores, electro-psych outfit Ocellot and roots-fusion group Txarango, and Galician rockers Agoraphobia round out the Spanish sextet announced by festival organizers this morning.

The mega festival/conference goes down March 17 – 22 in Austin, Texas. For a complete lineup, click here.

Ringo Starr Pushing Skechers

The fourth most popular Beatle, Ringo Starr, is now moonlighting as a shoe salesman.

Skechers announced Monday that Ringo’s set to appear in a 2015 global marketing campaign promoting the company’s “Relaxed Fit” line of grandfather kicks. The unapologetically un-cool footwear brand that, according to the Federal Trade Commission, deceived customers when it advertised that its Shape-ups shoes would tone your flabby ass while you walk, is “incredibly excited to be working with such an amazing world-renowned artist,” according to a press release. “Ringo is the perfect ambassador to illustrate how our comfortable footwear helps keep you relaxed in any situation.”

Meanwhile, the ghosts of John Lennon and George Harrison are shaking their heads in disapproval.

Sir Paul McCartney could not be reached for comment.

Oh, Deers

I was driving to Babies R Us a few weeks ago with my girlfriend and our then eight-week-old daughter when I first heard Deers’ “Bamboo” on Sirius XMU. Crassly affirming my fondness for the fuzzy, lo-fi garage rock tune, I shouted, “Fuck, this is really good. Shit.” I dug the simplicity of the recording; it sounded like a cross between The Sandwitches‘ “Back to the Sea” and Strange Boys‘ “Be Brave,” but better. The melody stuck with me the rest of the day and I made a mental note to find out more about the band.

Madrileñas Ana Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials started Deers by accident after taking a trip to the coast of Spain a few summers ago. “We still didn’t have internet on our cell phones so we started to play [guitar] like 14 hours a day,” they said in a June 2014 interview with Pigeons & Planes. Neither one was particularly good, but the pair had so much fun that they decided to start a band.

Good thing they did.

Since uploading some tracks onto SoundCloud earlier this year, Deers’ popularity has skyrocketed. They expanded the lineup to four, adding Ade Martin and Ámber Grimbergen to the mix, and dropped a 7″, ‘Demo,” in June via Mom+Pop in the U.S. Limited to just 500 copies worldwide, the AA single quickly sold out. Their follow up 7″, ‘Barn’, available now for pre-order and due out out in early November, is expected to do the same.

Twice last month, Deers opened for the Libertines in Paris. And they’re super stoked about an upcoming gig in London with Atlanta garage punks Black Lips, a group Carlotta said she’d love to support during a recent interview with Noisey.

While plans for a U.S. tour haven’t been announced, SXSW is just five months away. Don’t be surprised if Deers make the transatlantic trip for the annual music conference, pile into a 15-passenger van and milk a spring tour out of their epic holiday. Our only request, of course, is that they swing through Florida for a sweaty rock and roll dance party.

Check out their new video for “Castigadas en el Granero.”

Punk Desde la Madre Patria: Los Nastys

If my mom is first-generation Cuban/Peruvian-American with Spanish roots and my Santa Clara, Cuba-born old man’s grandparents were from las Islas Canarias, does that make me, like, 1/16 Español?

Whether it does or doesn’t, I still think that Madrid garage punk rockers Los Nastys are the tits. Or tetas, in Spanish. Check them out on Bandcamp.

¡Viva España!